2018 Jun 1-3 OBA 1 - Fluid Body for Watsuer with Gianni De Stefani in Lyon

This class is 25 hours Friday - Sunday in Lyon... It is taught in french ... Contact: Natacha ...

Gianni De Stefani

Feedback from students who have taken this class taught by Gianni De Stefani:

04/11/2018 ... Beautiful, strong, loving experience. Flowing in emotions with expert and loving support from the team. Wonderful.
11/09/2016 ... It was wonderful! I recommend :)
05/26/2016 ... OBA is a slow and gentle introduction about underwater work after a watsu session, in particular for people who do not feel confortable under water. But I found it was a bit too static.
09/03/2015 ... The course was very helpfull and good as usually. Thank you Gianni a also big thanks to all organizators and fellow students.