2017 Nov 3-5 Tantsu 1 with Harold Dull and Keli Procopio in Pesaro

This class is 25 hours 10.00 Friday - 18.00 Sunday in Pesaro... It is taught in english & italian ... Contact: Keli ... Telephone 3494712593 ...
v.le dante alighieri 72

An advanced tantsu group where we will explore the craddle of the origins integrated with the latest one
When Harold Dull took the stretches and moves of Zen Shiatsu into the water and created Watsu he found that being in water added to the body's sense of being treated as a whole. To bring that back onto land Harold developed Tantsu (Tantric Shiatsu) in which someone's whole body is contained by our whole body. Within that containment, greater safety is found, stretches and moves go deeper, breathing is synchronized from within, and we find ourselves drawn to places where we are needed.

In this workshop learn to give a complete Tantsu to someone loosely clothed on their side on a mat or massage table. Hold their whole body from the back in Tantsu's Posterior Cradle and, from the front, in its Anterior Cradle. Learn to adapt and integrate stretches and moves in simple progressions, and to be drawn out of them to wherever you are needed.

Harold Dull

Harold Dull is the the creator of Watsu®, Tantsu® and the Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Registry which stores the transcripts of students around the world. Harold trained with the creator of Zen Shiatsu in Japan, Shizuto Masunaga, and the teachers who brought Zen Shiatsu to America, Reuho Yamada and Wataru Ohashi. The profundity and effectiveness of the bodywork forms he has created reflect his passionate practice and deep understanding of energy and the body; the creativity of these forms reflects his background as a poet in the San Francisco Renaissance. His three Watsu books, a new Tantsu book and a collection of his poetry as well as several of his DVDs are available. Harold speaks several languages,which helps him teach his work all over the world. He has been awarded by Water Fitness and Aquatic Therapy associations. Once he completed developing the forms needed in clinics and spas around the world, Harold turned his attention to developing complementary paths that can make Watsu and Tantsu's potential for connection and the creative engagement of our life force universally available, a new humanism in which everybody can float or hold each other without intention.

Keli Procopio

Keli Procopio Counselor with specialization in Breathwork and Watsu; she teaches watsu 1,2,3, breath for watsu, emotional process and Tantsu.
Osho sannyasin since 1988 she started her personal and professional growth very young, qualifying on different techniques including Shiatsu and Breathwork.
She met Harold Dull, more than 20 years ago, and with him started her journey with water.
Co-Founder of the Watsu School in Italy (Watsu Italia), currently teaches in Italy, Europe, and various tropical paradises where the clear water are sources of inspiration.
Her approach to aquatic bodywork is focused in experiencing feelings connected to breathing and meditation, exploring the potential of awareness related to the water element.