2018 Jun 14-21 Watsu Instructor Training Course professional applications with Mary Theri Thomas in San Diego

This class is 80 hours 8am Thursday - 5pm Thursday in San Diego... The tuition for this course is $2195 ... Auditors repeat this course for $1195 ... Hold a place with a deposit of $195 ...
theri1@aol.com Phone; 858-581-2274

Mary Theri Thomas

Theri brings 35 years of teaching experience in many related fields to this work. She is an internationally renouned Holistic Health Practitioner and Instructor Trainer. The focus of class is balanced full spectrum presentation with emphasis on having a deeper connection by building a strong foundation of fundamentals and principles to draw from. The student can then easily integrate additional classes and explore self-discovery of the work. Theri is the only instructor in the world of 3 complete aquatic bodywork certification programs: AQUATHERICSsm, Watsu and Healing Dance. She is also a coach advisor training teachers at every level of the work. Theri is the only Instructor Trainer of multiple styles of work. Her own private practice is focused on medical patients with special needs. Through her practice and teaching she developed the AQUATHERICSsm program for professional applications of aquatic bodywork. Theri joined the Wave Academy as an instructor and practitioner from its inception and has since trained all their practitioners working with returning veterans diagnosed with PTSD. Theri is known for mentoring the facilitation of each individual's growth so every student has the opportunity to attains the personal goals they set for themselves in the work.

Feedback from students who have taken this class taught by Mary Theri Thomas:

12/28/2008 ... ohh my goodness this class was a blessing!! every day one day at a time new discoveries new adventures!!! The teacher a blessing!! My respect and appreciation!! One of a kind devotion for what she teaches and it shows!!Yet every day I live in water classes bring new awakenings and love and passion for this opportunities!!
12/29/2004 ... Each successive class I've taken at Harbin continues to be the best to date for me. Instructor Training was no exception. This particular class seemed to require the most from me both mentally and emotionally. Most challenging was working to keep clarity in the boundaries and roles of the 'dual relationships' of 'student-teacher' relating to other 'student-teachers' as well as the Instructor.
For me the result was extremely rewarding not only in terms of developing improved interpersonal awareness, communication, and teaching skills but also helping to tap into latent leadership abilities and inner guidance.
My perception was that the instructor (as well as all my classmates) worked very hard, putting a lot into the class (especially in terms of struggling with being 'real' with ourselves and each other as much as possible without blame or harm).
The resultant personal growth provided the opportunity to gain the most from our interactions,as individuals and as a group, with Harold Dull and Diane Tegtmeier. Each of the encounters proved to be very stimulating and thought provoking for me.