Transcript of Danny Ayo

386 total hours

Aquatic Bodywork Courses that meet WABAR requirements for electives:

_100__2000 12/16-12/24 Watsu CQ with Minakshi in Florida Keys
_50__2002 07/17-07/21 Watsu 3 (Adapted) with Peggy Schoedinger in Colorado
_16__2002 10/12-10/13 Basic Watsu with Alexis Lee in US as an intern
_100__2002 10/06-10/18 Watsu CQ with Elaine Marie at SSM
_20__2003 09/22-09/24 Assistant Training with Michele Chelenza in California
_50__2004 02/14-02/18 Watsu 1 with Mary Theri Thomas in California as an auditor
_50__2004 10/14-10/18 Watsu 1 with Mary Theri Thomas in Lousiana as an intern