Les Praticiens de Travail Corporel Aquatique qui recherchent un emploi

Basia Szpak-Borst .. Alkmaar Netherlands ... basiab77@gmail.com


Watsu for Pregnancy Spa Guest Therapist, Watsu 1,2,3 Instr. Watsu Spa Provider Program Coteacher,Contract Teaching for Spas and Facilities. Couples Groups Specialty and working with babies(0-6 months) individuals and families. Exclusive retreats for private groups.

Diane Feingold .. Santa Barbara US ... dianefeingold@gmail.com


Basic Watsu®, New Basic Watsu®, WaterDance and WRT Water Release Therapist® WRT Water Release Therapy® 'Provider' Therapist and Instructor & Basic Watsu® & New Basic Watsu® Instructor. Private Sessions, 2-3 Day WRT Water Release Therapy Intensives and by appt. only. Delighted to travel and share the joys of Aquatic Arts in all ways possible! Private Watsu, WaterDance, WRT Water Release Therapy® Sessions, 2-3 day Intensives, Trainings, Healing Retreats for CEU's and HED Life Coach Readings. Supervisions Co-Instruction DM's for WRT Water Release Therapy® 'Provider' Certification Contact Diane at dianefeingold@gmail.com dianefeingold.com WaterReleaseTherapy.com WRTwaterreleasetherapy.com

Sara Firman .. UK ... sara.firman@yahoo.com


Aqua Specialist/ Aquatic Bodywork Practitioner

Alessandra Morandin .. Padova Italy ... alemorandin29@gmail.com


operatore watsu e insegnante di yoga in acqua

Nancy LeFrancois .. Lotus US ... nansealynn@gmail.com


Seeking location to build or join A Therapy Pool, Spa or Clinic, healing retreat or private pool.

Diana Cheng .. burnaby Canada ... mshappydiana@gmail.com


I am insured to work on any retreats as a watsu practitioner anywhere in Canada.

Ruth Meyer .. Charlottesville VA ... watsuva@aol.com


I am looking for Watsu® opportunities in the Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania/ midatlantic area and Connecticut area; Both for teaching and direct service. I am a kinesiotherapist with continuing education in myofascial release, craniosacral, Halliwick, Bad Ragaz, with a strength of working with persons with orthopedic and neurological challenges and chronic pain.

Hilary Austin .. Corsham Wilts UK ... hydrohilary@yahoo.com


Watsu Practitioner/Instructor, Waterdance Practitioner Healing Dance Practitioner

Julie Angel .. Wyndmoor PA ... julieangel@verizon.net


tropical locations in winter

Carol Cheshire .. Dublin PA ... carolcheshire51@gmail.com


Short term on a Cruise ship.

Fabrizio Buffa .. Massa Italy ... europressmail@gmail.com


Cerco collaborazioni in SPA e in progetti destinati alla promozione della salute e dei corretti stili di vita

Elizabeth Large .. Port Aransas TX ... elizaporta@hotmail.com


seasonal therapist in resort areas to give watsu

Ellen Brady .. Myrtle Beach SC ... ellentbrady@gmail.com


Watsu Practioner interested in working in the Myrtle Beach, SC area.

Manuela Rossotto .. Chieri Italy ... manuelabanda@gmail.com


Cerco impiego nel campo del bodywork acquatico, possibilmente a Torino o in Piemonte 30/11/2014

Andrea Mouser .. Springfield MO ... andrea@aquaticfirehealingarts.com


Watsu practitioner. I am also a certified massage therapist (MO license).

Mary Theri Thomas .. San Diego US ... theri1@aol.com


Enjoy traveling to introduce and teach AQUATHERICS® bodywork,Watsu® and Healing Dance®.

Maura Van Ness .. Duvall WA ... maura.vanness@gmail.com


Providing Watsu® at public or private pools within 25 miles of Duvall, Wa.

Nancy Kestler .. Dallas TX ... nankes22@gmail.com


Seeking employment as a Physical Therapist Assistant, Watsu Practioner, Aquatic Program Director, Aquatic Fitness Instructor

Kristel Daelman .. Ancona Italy ... daelman@link2italy.com


watsu practitioner

Dianna McAdams .. Los Angeles US ... 1bodylistener@gmail.com


bodywork since 1988 various modalities employed in spa's, Dr 's offices, clinics and centers. CMT, CST, NMT, Reiki Master, and Watsu® Practitioner and sessions with multiple hands. Willing to relocate globally.

Leigh Downing .. Austin TX ... austinwatsu@gmail.com


20-26 hours per week offering Watsu to Central Texans.

Susie E .. MI ...


Open to employment in private pool, spa, retreat, PT center

Susan LaRose .. Pomfret Center CO ... susanlarose@hotmail.com


Looking for part time employment doing aquatic therapy with special needs clients.

Massimo Gargiulo .. Torre Annunziata Italy ... maxgargiulo@libero.it


Attualmente alla ricerca di centri benessere, spa, cliniche etc per poter dare sessioni di watsu. 02/12/2010 Currently seeking structures such as spas, clinics and so on to give watsu sessions 02/12/2010

Rami Yannai .. Kibbutz Kfar Hannasi Israel ... yanairami@yahoo.es


Looking for sharing my skills in aquatic work with more people in Israel or Abroad next August

Tom Cobian .. Seattle WA ... Tom@InnerWaves.com


Attention: MEDICAL-SPA offering aquatic treatments, classes, and research. I offer development and management resources, with 15 years bodywork expertise as a therapist and teacher.

Megan Harris .. CARNARVON Australia ... celestialsongstress@yahoo.com.au



Richard Rozinski .. Mesa AZ ... watsu@cox.net


OBJECTIVE Over the past 9 years my emphasis has been in the area of Aquatic Bodywork, with the study and practice of Watsu, Jahara Technique and Waterdance becoming my main focus. I wish to secure a position as a Watsu Practitioner/Massage Therapist utilizing a variety of Aquatic Body Work and Massage Techniques, including La Stone Therapy(Hot Rock Massage), Shiatsu,Swedish,Deep Tissue,Reflexology, Ortho-Bionomy and assorted hydro-therapy body treatments in a spa, resort, or clinical environment. Will relocate. (RESUME' UPON REQUEST) Visit my web site: www.awhso.com

Paul Cherba .. Wayzata MN ... cherbajazz@hotmail.com


I am looking for full or part time work in a pool. Let's develop a new center together. Or you can just hire me:)

Charlotte Holtzermann .. Los Angeles US ... charlotteholtz@yahoo.com


I am seeking a FT position in a School, College, University or Spa where I can teach aquarobics, yoga, tai chi, chi gong and the alexander technique. I am a good writer and want to write about aquatic bodywork and the wave of yogas we are riding on the west coast.

Fabrizio Dalle Piane .. Milano Italy ... fabrizio@tantsucenter.com


I am available to teach seminars, workshops and corporate trainings internationally.

Roberto Tordoni .. Perugia Italy ... robertotordoni@gmail.com


Cerco impiego nel campo del Watsu e dell'acquaticità neonatale nei dintorni di Perugia 03/01/2007

Anna O'Brian .. Lakewood CO ... iwatsuyou@hotmail.com


I am looking for part time work in the Denver area at either a spa or clinic.

Shakuntala Riva .. Viterbo Italy ... shaky@watsu.it


Watsu practitioner, insegnante di massaggio infantile AIMI, insegnante di nuoto per adulti e bambini, acquaticità neonatale.

Len Gambin .. Sonoma US ... len_gambin@hotmail.com


watsu practitioner, spa therapist

Marco Odifreddi .. Peveragno Italy ... Aruwatsu@vodafone.it


cerco una piscina che per dare sessioni di watsu, ho esperienza di lavoro con malati di sclerosi multipla e mi offro anche in situazioni di centri riabilitativi

Christy Studant .. Winfield IL ... cjstud1@sbcglobal.net


I am always looking for opportunities in a wellness center or spa.

Lee Ovnat Elfersy .. Tel-Aviv Israel ... leeovel@gmail.com


Watsu and Shiatsu giver

Aida Bahrawy .. Wilmington NC ... aidabahr@aol.com


Aquatic body practitioner (Watsu, Healing Dance,Healing dance Above and Below, Waterdance) Shiatsu practitioner, Breema practitioner, Reflexology practitioner, CranioSacral and Healing Touch practitioner (energy work practice)

Tashi Kobel .. Oakland US ... paulkobel@sbcglobal.net


Tashi Holistics, A Health Service- seeking female certified watsu practioner/water dance person/s insured and permitted is important. (in Oakland CA)please call 510 502-6316

Donald Carothers .. Santee US ... watsuman@hotmail.com


Seeking full time position as a Watsu/Waterdance Therapist in a Spa, Resort Enviroment, or Holistic Health Center. Willing to relocate. Watsu is my passion in life and love to share it with others.

Suzanna Jamieson .. San Francisco US ...


Flexible part time position, 2-3 times/week for Watsu treatments San Francisco area

Barney Stein .. Wareham MA ... BARNEY2020@verizon.net


I am looking to expand my practice in the Boston area, the South Coast/Upper Cape area of Massachusetts, and Martha's Vineyard.

V.J. Deutsch .. Boulder CO ...


Aloha, at this moment May 23, 2005 I am settled in Boulder CO,having returned this winter from two and a half months in Paradise, the Big Island of Hawaii. While there I spent 2 glorious weeks in and under the water with Shantam auditing Waterdance I and II in a thorough review and delicious deepening of the moves and subtle synergy within my own fluid body and my partner's (client's). Fortunately, following the classes, I was able to use the pool at Kalani to offer sessions to those intersted in Watsu and Waterdance. Momentarily I am not Wandering, I am expanding as a Watsu Therapist with more than 700 hrs of training, ready to relocate for Love of this work. Presently seeking full time, part time or contract position as a Watsu Therapist in a Health Resort, Spa, or Holistic Healing Center. Being an Aquatic Bodyworker is my passion, these skills and way of knowing the gift I most want to share. I would delight in giving Watsu's and utilizing Watsu adaptive for clients in all catagories. From those looking for relaxation, or relief from anxiety and stress to those in pain with sports injuries or other physical restrictions. In case having administrative skills would help peak your interest. I was the director of a Retreat & Conference Center in Deerfield, MA from 1989-93 and Education and Program Coordinator for the South Florida Science Museum during 1996 and 1997.

Kim Kontoolas .. Perth Australia ... kimkontoolas@hotmail.com


Contract teaching ,Watsu,Waterdance.

Daniela Sozio .. Sostegno Italy ... danielasozio@virgilio.it


Lavoro presso terme, ospedali, centri Watsu,dove sia possibile praticare Watsu e anche Shiatsu. 12/31/2003

Mary Francis .. Palm Springs US ... vivant222@yahoo.com


I would love to find employment in Hawaii, either at a hotel spa or a health center. Flexible hours & a congenial work climate are important. I have my Hawaii license & will be re-locating in early 2004.

Jayne Kester .. Tucson AZ ...


I currently work at Canyon Ranch Resort as a watsu therapist and program coordinator.

Susana Moore .. Solana Beach US ... zanasu1@hotmail.com


Co-ordinating and doing sessions in a spa or holistic setting.

Danny Ayo .. Maurice LA ... dannyayo@bellsouth.net


Hydro rehabilitation and/or spa therapy

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