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Ann Cole has been teaching Watsu since 1990 in the NW. She created the Watsu for Two concept and continues to provide watsu treatments, teach Watsu I and Watsu for Two in Eugene, OR. She is a board certified dance movement therapist, a licensed professional counselor, and is completing her massage license. In 2017, she helped spearhead the first aquatic summit in Eugene with Lane Community College bringing together all the pool directors in the region to create an aquatic hub continuum of care from medical care to community.

Watsu 1- (541)343-5865

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1034 total hours ...Includes hours of 18 WABA water classes taught.
2017 06/22-06/25 ...34

2008 04/24-04/28 Aquatic Integration 1 with Cameron West in Washington ...50

1999 06/12-06/20 Watsu 3 with Peggy Schoedinger in Oregon ...50

1994 06/01 Watsu 1 Instructor ...

1991 09/22-09/27 Watsu 2 with Harold Dull at SSM ...50

1991 09/15-09/20 Watsu 1 with Harold Dull at SSM ...50

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