Hilary Austin
Cert Ed. ...UK
Alexander Technique Teacher, Craniosacral Therapist ...
Hilary Austin <hydrohilary@yahoo.com>
Hilary Austin
Seeking Employment: 01/02/2018Watsu Practitioner/Instructor,
Waterdance Practitioner Healing Dance Practitioner

To the public:

I am the FIRST & most experienced Watsu Instructor in the UK.
Over the course of over 2 decades I have pioneered Watsu in the U.K.introducing it to many who are now practitioners and teachers along side me on the UK registry.

Since 1996,I studied with Harold Dull,the originator of Watsu & many leading practitioners in California, Hawaii & Italy & have assisted internationally on Watsu trainings.

As a qualified, experienced Alexander Technique teacher of 26 years and a Craniosacral Therapist, I bring refined awareness to the process of aquatic bodywork and the teaching of it. I have led workshops & Well-Being sessions for British Airways and taught Watsu on hydrotherapy trainings over many years.

Since attending the First Watsu Instructor Training in the World in 1999 I am qualified to teach Basic Watsu and Watsu 1, successfully teaching in hospices, hospitals, special needs schools, hydrotherapy units and spas throughout the UK and abroad.

In 2000 I introduced Watsu to Chiva Som Health Resort in Thailand and it is now their signature treatment. I have also taught and practiced in the Six Senses Spa in The Maldives and Molyvos in Greece. In the UK I have worked out of Nirvana Spa in Berkshire, The Royal Crescent Hotel in Bath and Six Senses Spa in Canary Wharf, London.

Additionally I trained in Healing Dance water modality, Jahara Technique, Pre-Natal Journey and am a fully qualified Waterdance Practitioner, a modality of Watsu which involves movement both on & below the water by connecting with the breath [client wears a noseclip].

Recently I became initiated in India as a Oneness Blessing Giver and like to combine this with my water sessions. The blessing helps to activate the frontal lobes in the brain and facilitate states of higher consciousness. I'm calling this "Oneness Watsu" and feel it is a valuable contribution to this work.

I endeavour to bring a grace & presence to my sessions using my extensive experience in body mechanics, developmental patterns, meditation & yoga. I welcome the opportunity for people to savour the joy of freedom in aquatic movement & flow. I see water as a unique and essential healing medium.
Hilary Austin
Watsu Practitioner/Assistant/Basic Watsu and Watsu 1 Instructor. Member of W.A.B.A [Wordwide Aquatic Bodywork Association]
Alexander Technique Teacher. Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist. TRE Certified Provider.
Way of Mastery Senior Pathway Teacher

Workshop Leader at British Airways.

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2375 total hours ...Includes hours of 54 WABA water classes taught.
2018 09/29-10/02 Conference with Gianni De Stefani and Cristina Levi in Italy as an intern ...25

2017 10/02-10/03 Instructor Conference with Harold Dull in Czech Republic ...24

2017 07/22-07/26 Watsu 1 with Tomasz Zagorski in UK as an assistant ...50

2016 10/03-10/04 International Instructor Conference with Harold Dull in Italy ...16

2015 11/01-11/05 Watsu 2 with Tomasz Zagorski in UK as an assistant ...50

2015 10/02-10/04 International Conference, 35 years of continuing development in clinics (rehabilitation), SPAs and sport with Harold Dull and Tomasz Zagorski in Poland ...

2014 10/17-10/19 Instructor Conference with Harold Dull in Italy ...20

2013 12/20 Watsu 1 Instructor ...

2006 12/11-12/16 Healing Dance 1 with Alexander George in India as an intern ...50

2006 09/04-09/09 Healing Dance 1 with Inika Spence in Switzerland as an auditor ...50

2006 06/11-06/16 Watsu 1 with Alexis Lee and Inika Spence in California as an assistant ...50

2006 06/10-06/11 Basic Watsu with Alexis Lee in California as an assistant ...16

2005 06/26-07/01 with ...50

2001 08/28-09/02 Basic Healing Dance with Inika Spence in UK ...50

2001 08/21-08/26 Watsu 2 with Linda De Lehman in UK as an assistant ...50

2001 07/31-08/05 Watsu 1 with Linda De Lehman in UK as an assistant ...50

2000 09/19-09/24 Watsu 1 with Linda De Lehman in UK as an assistant ...50

1999 11/29 Waterdance Practitioner ...

1999 11/21-11/26 Watsu 1 with Harold Dull and Kat Stenvers in US as an assistant ...50

1999 11/14-11/19 Jahara Basics with Mario Jahara at SSM ...50

1999 10/31 Basic Watsu Instructor ...

1999 10/26-10/31 Watsu Instructor Training Course with Michele Chelenza in California ...75

1999 10/17-10/23 Waterdance 2 with Richard Bock in Hawaii ...50

1999 10/10-10/16 Prenatal Journey with David Sawyer in Hawaii ...50

1999 10/03-10/09 Waterdance 1 with Richard Bock and Shantam in Hawaii ...50

1999 07/11-07/16 Watsu Instructor Training Course with Michele Chelenza in Italy ...75

1999 06/21-06/26 Watsu 1 with Harold Dull and Linda De Lehman in Italy as an assistant ...50

1998 08/16-08/21 Watsu 3 with Harold Dull and Minakshi in ...50

1998 08/09-08/14 Watsu 2 with Harold Dull and Minakshi at SSM ...50

1998 08/02-08/07 Watsu 1 with Harold Dull and Minakshi at SSM ...50

1996 06/16-06/28 Watsu CQ with Elaine Marie at SSM ...100

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