Christy Jennifer Studant
P.T.A. ...Illinois
Physical Therapy ...
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Buscando trabajo 02/21/2006I am always looking for opportunities in a wellness center or spa.

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I have worked in physical therapy for 8 years. I have taken several water courses and teach Ai Chi, water pilates and yoga. I am also a fitness professional with specific foccus on Pilates, functional core training and spinning. I love to coach and educate in a class format as well as one on one sessions. My goal for the future is to have my own wellness center incorporating Watsu, Mind body, Pilates, and nutrition for healing.

300 total hours
2004 12/05-12/10 Fire and Water with Minakshi and Shinzo Fujimaki in Florida ...50

2004 03/10 Watsu Practitioner ...

2004 03/10 Transfer in Anatomy ...50

2004 02/15-02/20 Watsu 3 with Minakshi in FL ...50

2004 02/08-02/13 Jahara Basics with Minakshi in Florida ...50

2003 07/06-07/11 Watsu 2 with Minakshi in Florida ...50

2003 01/12-01/17 Watsu 1 with Minakshi in Florida ...50