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Rami Yannai <yanairami@yahoo.es>
buscando Emprego 08/30/2009Looking for sharing my skills in aquatic work with more people in Israel or Abroad next August

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Dear Reader,
My wish is to Attract as much as possiable more long process recivers, my pool in the gallile is attrcating mostly the travelers who come for leasure
It is fine cause to treat them, still my wish is to create deeper processes involvment
Apart from Watsu and WaterDance Shiatsu is my favorite tool in and out of the water ,To balance water work I use Garden sessions to ground myself and others ,you are invited to contact and share your way ..
You can share my work also at http://advot.info
Love Rami

350 total hours
2008 02/18 Watsu Practitioner ...

2008 01/16-01/21 Healing Dance Shape and Space with Alexander George in Israel ...50

2007 06/12-06/21 Watsu 2 with Hiddai shaked in Israel as an assistant ...50

2007 04/16-04/21 Watsu 1 with Hiddai shaked in Israel as an assistant ...50

2006 01/05-01/10 Watsu 3 with Harold Dull and Linda De Lehman in Israel ...50

2005 04/10-04/15 Waterdance 1 with Alexander Georgeakopoulos in Israel ...50

2004 07/18-07/23 Watsu 2 with Alexander Georgeakopoulos and Hiddai shaked (Levi) in Israel ...50

2004 02/09-02/14 Watsu 1 with Ursula Garthoff in Brazil ...50

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