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buscando Emprego 05/23/2005Aloha, at this moment May 23, 2005 I am settled in Boulder CO,having returned this winter from two and a half months in Paradise, the Big Island of Hawaii. While there I spent 2 glorious weeks in and under the water with Shantam auditing Waterdance I and II in a thorough review and delicious deepening of the moves and subtle synergy within my own fluid body and my partner's (client's). Fortunately, following the classes, I was able to use the pool at Kalani to offer sessions to those intersted in Watsu and Waterdance.
Momentarily I am not Wandering, I am expanding as a Watsu Therapist with more than 700 hrs of training, ready to relocate for Love of this work. Presently seeking full time, part time or contract position as a Watsu Therapist in a Health Resort, Spa, or Holistic Healing Center. Being an Aquatic Bodyworker is my passion, these skills and way of knowing the gift I most want to share. I would delight in giving Watsu's and utilizing Watsu adaptive for clients in all catagories. From those looking for relaxation, or relief from anxiety and stress to those in pain with sports injuries or other physical restrictions.
In case having administrative skills would help peak your interest. I was the director of a Retreat & Conference Center in Deerfield, MA from 1989-93 and Education and Program Coordinator for the South Florida Science Museum during 1996 and 1997.

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VJ, a genuine Waterbaby played in the surf prior to learning to walk on land. From an early age dancing was her passion (studying ballet, modern, jazz, tap, acrobatics, Ballroom, contact improvisation, and Gabriele Roth's 5 sacred rythems), she performed intermittently during her careers in the arts. And she continues to perform with Charlottesville Playback and Presence Theatre when back East, both community oriented improvisatonal ensembles. Her 30 years of meditation practice (as a Vajrayana Buddhist), along with 4 years of Emily Conrad's Continuum work,inform the flow of movement and quality of presence in her Watsu & Waterdance. A Reiki practitioner, sound healer, warrior on the path of Joy, and NOW Watsu therapist in the guise of The Watsu Wisewoman on the road- she is presently offering liquid healing to anyone in range of the available warm pools she uses in the Denver/Boulder area. She has access to pools in Boulder, in Gun Barrel, Lakewood (just west of Denver) and Denver.
Let your cares wash away as the flowing body awakens awareness to being poetry through water at it's core, a pure dance of energy, opening your whole being to presence, to Joy.
Practically, Watsu results in increased circulation, flexibility & range of motion, muscle re-education and spinal elongation. Clients most often experience an incredible lightness and a deep peacefulness. Feelings of profound relaxation beyond any previously known are the source of the most frequent client comments coming at the completion of a session.

558 total hours
2007 01/23-01/28 Basic Healing Dance with Inika Spence in Florida ...50

2006 04/15-04/22 Aquatic Integration 1 with Cameron West in California ...50

2004 12/10-12/14 Waterdance 2 with Shantam in Hawaii as an auditor ...50

2004 12/03-12/07 Waterdance 1 with Shantam in Hawaii as an auditor ...50

2004 05/20-05/24 Watsu 3 (Adapted) with Cameron West and Cameron West in Florida ...50

2004 04/16 Watsu 3 Supervision with Cameron West ...8

2004 03/28-04/02 Waterdance 2 with Shantam and Richard Bock at SSM ...50

2004 03/21-03/26 Waterdance 1 with Shantam and Richard Bock at SSM ...50

2003 11/30-12/05 Presence of Being with Richard Bock and Shantam at SSM ...50

2003 11/16-11/21 Watsu 3 with Harold Dull and Peggy Schoedinger in ...50

2003 07/27-08/01 Watsu 2 with Harold Dull and Linda De Lehman at SSM ...50

2003 07/20-07/25 Watsu 1 with Harold Dull and Linda De Lehman at SSM ...50

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