Jayne M. Kester
Canyon Ranch Watsu Therapist ...

Sta cercando impiego: 10/26/2003I currently work at Canyon Ranch Resort as a watsu therapist and program coordinator.

Al pubblico:

I have been at Canyon Ranch Resort in Tucson, Arizona for 9 years. I currently work in program coord. and as a watsu therapist. I am so blessed to be a part of the water family, while enhancing the lives of others!!!

250 total hours
2002 08/01 Watsu Practitioner ...
2002 06/14-06/19 Watsu 3 (Adapted) with Cameron West in ... 50
2001 05/20-05/25 Healing Dance 1 with Inika Spence in Arizona as an auditor ... 50
2000 10/10-10/15 Basic Healing Dance with Inika Spence in Arizona ... 50
2000 03/06-03/17 Watsu CQ with elaine marie in Arizona ... 100
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