Charlotte Anne Holtzermann
M.F.A. ...CA
certified Watsu® practitioner, instructor:aquarobics,Alexander technique, massage, yoga ...

Sta cercando impiego: 07/20/2007I am seeking a FT position in a School, College, University or Spa where I can teach aquarobics, yoga, tai chi, chi gong and the alexander technique. I am a good writer and want to write about aquatic bodywork and the wave of
yogas we are riding on the west coast.

Al pubblico:

Charlotte Holtzermann offers sessionsin Healing
Dance and Watsu for individual clients and couples. My pools are:

12201 Califa St.
Valley Village, CA 91604 818 509 8855

north of the 101 freeway off Laurel Canyon exit at 12201 Califa St., 2 blocks north of Burbank Blvd, turn left on Califa St. see


12420 Yellow Hill Rd
Malibu, CA 90265

The qualities of my Healing Dance and Watsu session arise from 40 years of dancing in breath
centered techniques. I began studying Humphrey Weidman modern dance in my teens and grew up in Minnesota, swimming, sailing, skating and skiing.
My clients often say, it feels like being in the womb, rebirthing. My practice of Watsu and Healing dance feels like tai chi in the water with someone in my arms.

teaches aquatic exercise, chi gong, tai chi, conditioning and yoga and is a contributing writer for LA Yoga Magazine.

516 total hours
2008 06/15-06/20 Healing Dance 1 with Inika Spence in California as an auditor ...50

2007 05/13-05/18 Basic Healing Dance with Inika Spence at SSM ...50

2007 01/06-01/07 Core Tantsu for Family and Friends (ABC) with Harold Dull and Amber Seitz in California ...16

2005 06/26-07/01 with ...50

2001 12/01-12/16 Watsu 3 (Adapted) with Cameron West in California ...50

2000 12/13-12/17 Watsu 4 with Harold Dull in California ...50

2000 09/03-09/08 Watsu 3 with Harold Dull and Minakshi in ...50

2000 08/27-09/01 Watsu 2 with Harold Dull and Minakshi in US as an auditor ...50

1998 07/14-07/19 Watsu 1 with Kat Stenvers in California ...50

1997 11/09-11/14 Watsu 2 with Harold Dull and Michele Chelenza at SSM ...50

1997 11/02-11/07 Watsu 1 with Harold Dull and Michele Chelenza at SSM ...50

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