Trisha Isadora DuJour
Massage Therapist ...
Trisha DuJour <>
Seeking Employment: 11/01/2001I would like to do more Watsu. I would be interested in talking with a resort or spa about Watsu & massage.

To the public:

I am a Registered Watsu Practitioner.I am also a licensed massage therapist. Currently I am working at a day spa in Encino. I give Watsu sessions at my home in my in-ground pool. I also give massages-by-the-fire. I am certified in Myofascial Release & Unwinding and will be certified in La Stone Therapy this year.On Sundays, I give chair massages at Whole Foods Mkt. in Sherman Oaks(Sepulveda) after I leave the spa. My pool is very private and it is available to rent.

300 total hours
2006 09/30-10/07 Waterdance 3 with Shantam in California ... 50
2006 03/04-03/11 Waterdance 2 with Shantam in California ... 50
2000 10/08-10/13 Waterdance 1 with Richard Bock and Shantam in Hawaii ... 50
2000 04/02 Watsu Practitioner ...
2000 03/19-03/24 Watsu 3 with Harold Dull and Kat Stenvers in ... 50
2000 03/12-03/17 Watsu 2 with Harold Dull and Kat Stenvers at SSM ... 50
1999 09/20-09/25 Watsu 1 with Keesha Standley in California ... 50
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