Liz Bart
M. Ed., ATRI, AEA ...Washington
Wellness Instructor, Facility Owner ...
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To the public:

As a lifetime water lover, it is no wonder that my career path has led me to the water. I have been involved in the aquatic industry for over a decade and have found the healing aspect of water to be like no other medium. Whether you desire to relax and unwind, address specific physiological needs, or enhance spiritual awareness, a Watsu session can assist you with your quest. Please refer to my Web page at for further information and to learn how others have benefitted from Soothing Waters Watsu sessions.

In addition to offering Watsu sessions and other water related classes, I am a college level Wellness instructor and yoga teacher.

Here's to Optimal Health Always and in All Ways,

400 total hours
2011 09/13-09/18 Waterdance 1 with Minakshi in Washington ...50

2008 04/24-04/28 Aquatic Integration 1 with Cameron West in Washington ...50

2005 09/05-09/10 Watsu 3 (Adapted) with Peggy Schoedinger in Washington ...50

2002 07/07-07/12 Jahara Basics with Mario Jahara in Washington ...50

2002 06/12-06/16 Basic Healing Dance with Alexander Georgeakopoulos in Washington ...50

1999 09/13 Watsu Practitioner ...

1999 08/26-08/31 Watsu 3 with Harold Dull in Washington ...50

1999 06/03-06/08 Watsu 2 with Alexander Georgeakopoulos in Washington ...50

1998 05/07-05/12 Watsu 1 with Alexander Georgeakopoulos in Washington ...50

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