Laurie Loving
M.S.W. ...CA
Watsu Practitioner ...
Laurie Loving <>
Loving Aquatic Massage

To the public:

Come enjoy a WATSU® in my beautiful, 12ft diameter pool located in my backyard under a white, 10ft tall yurt surrounded by tropical plants in Davis, CA, near Sacramento. The pool is chlorine-free, using a copper ionization system for sanitizing. I maintain a temperature of 96-98 degrees, depending on the outside conditions. I have a Master's Degree in Social Work; my field is disabilities. I love working with people seeking relief from stress, chronic medical conditions, pregnancy discomfort, and veterans.

416 total hours ...Includes hours of 1 WABA water classes taught.
2018 03/19-03/24 Watsu 3 with Harold Dull and Natalia Chaverri Madden in Costa Rica as an auditor ...

2017 07/23 Watsu Round Advanced with Harold Dull in CA ...4

2016 07/09-07/10 Watsuyoga with Harold Dull in CA as an assistant ...12

2015 08/18-08/23 Watsu 3 with Peggy Schoedinger in Washington as an auditor ...50

2012 04/08-04/13 Watsu 2 with Mary Theri Thomas in California ...50

2011 05/29-06/03 Watsu 3 (Adapted) with Cameron West in California ...50

2001 03/25-03/30 Waterdance 1 with Richard Bock and Shantam at SSM ...50

2000 05/05 Watsu Practitioner ...

2000 04/30-05/05 Jahara Basics with Mario Jahara at SSM ...50

2000 03/19-03/24 Watsu 3 with Harold Dull and Kat Stenvers in ...50

1999 11/28-12/03 Watsu 2 with Harold Dull and Kat Stenvers at SSM ...50

1999 09/25-10/31 Watsu 1 with Steve Carter in California ...50

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