Okinawa Watsu Center

Manager: Toru Ogasawara
Okinawa ...Japan
Located in a tropical island of Japan, Okinawa Watsu Ceter provides WABA certified courses and professional sessions in the warm ocean water pool at one of the biggest Thalasso therapy centers in Asia.


To become a Watsu Provider:
- Watsu 1
- Watsu 2
- OWC Provider Training

To become a Watsu Practitioner:
Follow WABA international regulations.

A web learning program for CIBTAC Certificate in Anatomy, physiology, and Pathology is available for 100 hour A&P requirement.

Watsu 3 class with an authorized instructor will be scheduled evey 3 years.

Watsu Providers are required to continue their trainings 50 hours in every 2 years and keep the membership with Okinawa Watsu Center until they become Watsu Practitioners.