Watsu Polska

Manager: Tomasz Zagorski
Tarnow ...Poland
email: info@watsu.org.pl
HandsOn is first Tranining Institute in East part of Europe. We focus on providing best quality teaching of Watsu by working with best Instructors,taking care of every students needs, provide very good accomodations, additional attractions. In addition we give post course support: Integrations, sessions, Supervisions.
We want to make our courses as extraordinary expirience for every student.

Upcoming Classes

2018 Oct 20-21 Basic Watsu for Athletes with Tomasz Zagorski in Kakow...
2019 Jan 12-13 Watsu® Basic Clinical Applications for Children with Cerebral Palsy with Aleksandra Koziorowska in Poland...
2019 Jan 23-27 Watsu for Athletes with Tomasz Zagorski in Poland...


The same as WABA Practitioner Requirements.