Aquatic bodywork trainings Aotearoa

Manager: Carolyn Crawford
New Plymouth ...New Zealand
Aquatic Bodywork Trainings Aotearoa: is the WABA certified training group for Aotearoa/New Zealand. Professional trainings through to Watsu practitioner level are offered regularly, with visiting instructors invited for advanced work and other aquatic therapies.


Water Modules
16hrs Intro Weekend
150 hrs made up of Watsu 1,2 and an audit
50 hrs Watsu 3: When available. Can be certified as a practitioner prior, if deemed ready after Supervision
Give 40 Practice sessions and Receive 10 Practitioner sessions: sessions to be logged and/or journaled for discussion at Supervision
Final Supervision: After completing all other requirements,(including land) give to instructor, self critique and review of training

Land Work
16hrs First aid Certificate (minimum level =workplace first aid)
120hrs Anatomy and Physiology
100hrs Touch training
60hrs Body Heart Mind: consisting of a balance of
Movement/body awareness:e.g. tai chi, yoga dance therapy
Working therapeutically:e.g. communication ,process work, counseling,
Business practice/marketing