Watsu Lietuva

Manager: Jurgita Svediene
Vilnius LT ...Lithuania
email: watsu@sati.lt
Our TI is created to share the knowledge of various aquatic technics and Quality of Touch in Water. Discover how to feel balanced, centered, coordinated, increase flexibility, eliminate pain and negativity, radiate energy and feel an inner luminescence through Watsu and other Aqua modalities.


To become Watsu Practitioner through WABA and Watsu Lietuva the student should go through the program and successfully complete each step. Watsu 1 and 2, and 3 - at least 200 hours of WABA Aquatic Bodywork courses and Supervision after W2. Current CPR certification, 100 hours of Anatomy/ Physiology, 100 hours of massage, Shiatsu or tantsu. Log 25 hours of practice sessions (after Basic Watsu - 5 practice sessions, after W1- 10 sessions, after W2 - 10 sessions);log 5 sessions received from professional(during, before or after above). The total hours of classes and Supervisions should be 520.