Fluid Presence Institute

Manager: Shantam
Middletown ...
email: info@h2om.com
The Fluid Presence Training Institutes's courses are taught in the USA & worldwide by renowned WaterDance/WATA instructors. Credit for classes abroad count towards our certification program provided they are taught by an approved instructor. Our very cohesive training program prepares students well for offering sessions in this profound sub-aquatic modality as well as providing a solid foundation of support to practitioners for meeting their clients physically, emotional, mentally & spiritually.


WaterDanceUSA Practitioner Program

Note: the rate of progress through any of our programs is based on the successful completion of each step. Many students benefit by auditing a course (repeating it, usually at a reduced cost), or by attending a supervision, or logging additional practice sessions, before continuing on to the next step. Instructors will note when these are required. Since audits and supervisions can help fulfill the electives required, they do not usually lengthen a student's overall program.

• Aquatic Bodywork Prerequisite of WATA/WaterDance Basic Course, Watsu 1, Basic Healing Dance or Instructor approval (50 hours)
• WaterDance 1 and 2 (100 hours)
• With either a successful passing grade of each course, or Supervision, Integration Weekend or audit of WaterDance 1, or 2, demonstrate competency.

• WaterDance 3 (50 hours)
• Log 30 practice sessions (Recommended 10 at each level of training)
• Log 10 received sessions from a professional (Throughout the training program, including sessions received prior to beginning & after).

• 100 hours of Massage Therapy, Cranial Sacral, Energy Work, Shiatsu etc.
• 100 hours of Anatomy/Physiology
• 50 Hours of Emotional/Process/Self Enquiry Work (such as Presence of Being, Prenatal Journey, Hakomi, Bioenergetics etc.)
• 50 additional hours of Aquatic Bodywork courses to bring the total hours of classes and supervisions to 500.
• Successful completion of a Final Demonstration of Proficiency