Watsu Costa Rica

Manager: Natalia Chaverri Madden
SJO ...Costa Rica
email: terapiasacuaticascostarica@gmail.com


The Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Registry holds the authorizations of providers, practitioners and instructors of Aquatic Bodywork. It makes available the courses required to obtain and maintain those authorizations and stores the transcripts of those authorized. It oversees and authorizes Aquatic Bodywork courses, programs, and maintains student's authorizations and transcripts on the Worldwide Registry.
Anyone wishing to enter this field must understand the difference between certification, registration and licensure. Certificates are issued by state approved schools. Some licensing agencies will only accept courses and certificates obtained at a state approved school. Since most of our students are already licensed to work with the body and can add Watsu as a modality to their existing practice, WABR has authorized instructors to teach anybody in clinics and spas and wherever else Watsu is needed. Wherever they are taught, instructors add all Aquatic Bodywork classes to the transcript on the Registry that is maintained for every student. Whether the classes were taught at a school or not, when all the requirements are met and the student requests it, a training institute will add their authorization to the Registry.
If you do not already have a license to touch. If you wish to work with the public in an area where licensure is required, check what the local requirements are. If they include certification from a state approved school, determine if there is a school where Watsu is taught that will meet those requirements, or plan to obtain that licensure through another modality at a local school before, during or after your Watsu studies. (Be aware that courses taken outside a state approved school may fulfill a requirement for a pre-requisites, but probably can not be transferred into the school as credit).
If you already have a license to touch. If you are already employed in a spa, clinic or other facility, you may become authorized to practice as a Provider under a contract to complete the full requirements to be a practitioner within three years. Otherwise you can complete your requirements to be listed as a practitioner under the program below that takes