Harbin School of Healing Arts

Manager: Inika Spence-Whaley
Middletown ...
email: inika@harbinschoolofhealingarts.org
Due to the destruction of the Valley Fire, the Harbin School of Healing Arts will not be offering classes until 2017. Visit our website for current information:

Harbin Hot Springs is the birthplace of aquatic bodywork, beginning with Watsu®. We are the only state-approved school in the US to offer classes and training programs in these water modalities: Watsu®, Healing Dance® and WaterDance™.

Our students have gone on to find the freedom of their own practice or to work at premier spas in the Bay Area such as Cavallo Point Resort, Auberge du Soleil, Calistoga Ranch and many more throughout the country and the world.

All of our courses integrate the core principles of presence, breath, support and conscious touch while nurturing the innate gifts of each individual student. The values expressed in Harbin Hot Springs’ “Heart Conscious Statement” are also infused in to our curriculum and daily operations.

Our instructors, staff and other healing professionals from the Harbin Community gather twice a year to share ideas, visions and collaborate in strengthening our curriculum and teaching in ways that will produce the best possible healing practitioners. Our collective vision is supported by the belief that by supporting the profession of healing touch, our students can have a positive impact on their communities and the world.


Watsu Provider (320 hours)
Holders of this certificate would be authorized to provide Watsu sessions to the clients of spas, clinics, and sports clubs. Those being registered as a Watsu Provider acknowledge that their status is that of an intern and requires an annual renewal with 50 hours of continuing education until they complete all requirements to be a Watsu Therapist or to be registered as a Watsu Practitioner through WABA. They would be registered alongside those who already professionals licensed to work with the body.

Required Watsu Classes: 100 hours
• Watsu 1
• Watsu 2

Required Land Classes: 150 hours
• Shiatsu 1 50 hours
• Anatomy Bones & Muscles 50 hours
• Anatomy Body Systems 50 hours
• 50 hours of elective bodywork (including Aquatic)

Required Practicum: 20 hours
• 20* logged practice sessions (*10 logged after Watsu 2)
• Demonstration of Mastery

Received sessions can range from no fee / trade to 150.00 per session at high end spas.

Watsu Therapist (788 Hours)
The Watsu Therapist certificate provides you with the extensive training in aquatic bodywork. Combined with sound knowledge of principles of Shiatsu, it prepares you to combine and choose from different techniques to give professional sessions to your clientele.

Complete the 558 hour Massage Therapist Program:
- Massage Intensive - 100 hours
- Anatomy Bones & Muscles – 50 hours
- Anatomy Body Systems – 50 hours
- Essential Business Skills -16.5 hrs
- Trust in Touch or Ethics – 16.5 hours
- Kinesiology – 25 hours
- Pathology – 50 hours
Add 150 hours from any of the following specializations:
- Advanced Therapeutic Massage 50 hours
- Craniosacral 1 and 2, 50 hours each
- Deep Tissue 1 and 2, 50 hours each
Add Shiatsu 1 and Shiatsu 2, 50 hours each

Add 230 hours of classes and Practicum
• Watsu 1 50 hours
• Watsu 2 50 hours
• Watsu 3 50 hours
• Watsu 3 Adapted 50 hours

Required Practicum: 30 hours
• 10 received sessions from Professional Watsu Practitioners
• 20* practice sessions (10* logged after Watsu 2)

Additional Requirements
• CPR Certification