Watsu Mexico

Manager: Olivia Valdés López
Tarimbaro, Michoacán ...Mexico
email: institutoena@gmail.com
Watsu Mexico Institute is the evolution of ENA in water therapy, relaxation and rehabilitation center in Morelia, Mexico, which has obtained excellent results by applying the Watsu technique since 2007.

Led by TFA Olivia Valdés who studied at the medical rehabilitation center Magdalena Salinas of Mexico City, she has 15 years experience in Watsu and Water Healing.

ENA was born from a personal and professional experience when in need to offer Watsu to a sister in a coma and a premature newborn nephew.

With Watsu practice we have made 4 sisters therapists (Family Watsu Mexico), including the one who was rehabilitated with this

The ENA Watsu sisters wish, because of the lived experience, to establish as an institution for the teaching and practice of these miraculous treatments that bring so much benefit to the society.

With a vision to integrate into the mission of the Master Harold Dull to form more Watsu therapists, Watsu Mexico Institute is created and specially designed for teaching and practicing the techniques registered in WABA.
Watsu Mexico Institute opens its doors to all WABA instructors to teach their courses,the Watsu Mexico family is willing to receive you, learn from you and share your knowledge.


Médicos, educadores físicos, rehabilitadores, psicólogos, terapeutas, entrenadores deportivos, especialistas en Spa y publico en general.