Watsu® for Spas and Therapy Institute

Manager: Kim L Hartz
email: watsukim@gmail.com
Watsu 1 and Watsu 2 Instructor and Watsu Basics - Based in La Quinta, California -- I do travel to teach - My speciality is "Spa Watsu" as I worked in a world-renowned Spa for 20 years as an Aquatic Therapist - providing Watsu, Waterdance, Jahara, Healing Dance, AquaReflexology - and also holding classes in Watsu 1.


All requirements are per the WABA website for Watsu Provider and Practitioner - Starting and Maintainan Aquatic Bodywork Practice. All forms necessary are in the Logbook which may be downloaded from the WABA website, or sent via email upon request.