OBA Institute

Manager: Gianni De Stefani
email: info@oceanicbodywork.com

Upcoming Classes

2018 Mar 28-28 OBA introduction with Petra Buschfeld in Auroville...
2018 Apr 13-14 OBA basic with Dariya Kuznik in Auroville...
2018 Jun 1-4 OBA 1 - Fluid Body for Watsuer with Gianni De Stefani in Lyon...


OCEANIC BODYWORKER® Aqua Professional Training
The Oceanic Bodyworker Aqua training is composed of 4 courses of Oceanic Bodywork® Aqua, 8 hours of tutorials, 170 hours of complementary training, BLS and the Final Exam Party day for a total of 388 hours. In addition to these there will be 50 hours of practice and 15 hours of theory for a grand total of 453 hours.
The 170 hours for anatomy, physiology, bodywork, psychology and BLS can be credited from other external courses attended at officially recognised bodies if valid certificates will be provided.
OCEANIC BODYWORK® Aqua Basic - Introduction Week-end - 15 hours
This course is open to all and required by anyone with no previous training on Watsu or other bodywork in water.

OCEANIC BODYWORK® Aqua 1 for Watsuer – 25 hours (2  days)
This course is reserved to Watsu students or pratictioners.

This is equivalent to OCEANIC BODYWORK® Aqua 1 and is required to attend OCEANIC BODYWORK® Aqua 2.

OCEANIC BODYWORK® Aqua 1– 60 hours (7 days)
Once completed OBA 1 and before attending OBA 2
land and/or water Bodywork (see description of other courses) 50 hours minimum
2 delivered tutorials
Regular personal practice
10 formally deliverd sessions
2 formally received session

OCEANIC BODYWORK® Aqua 2 – 60 hours (7 days)
Once completed OBA 2 and before attending OBA 3
anatomy and physiology, water bodywork (see description of other courses) 70 hours minimum
2 delivered tutorials
Regular personal practice
15 formally deliverd sessions
3 formally received sessions
1 session formally received by a instructor

OCEANIC BODYWORK® Aqua 3 – 60 hours (7 days)
Once completed OBA 3 and before attending Exam Party
Human relations values and management, communication or psycology (see description of other courses) 50 hours minimum
2 delivered tutorials
2 sessions delivered to instructors
Regular personal practice
15 formally deliverd sessions
3 formally received sessions
1 session formally received by a instructor
Valid BLS certificate (Basic Life Support)

OCEANIC BODYWORK® Aqua – Exam Party (7 hours)
Preparation of thesis, study 15 hours
Award of Oceanic Bodyworker Aqua Diploma

Oceanic Bodywork® Aqua 1
The Training I concentrates on basic practical and theoretical skills for working in water. It is also a process of discovery, learning to engage the element of water and its healing properties in a playful and relaxed way. In addition to practical skills in Oceanic Bodywork® Aqua techniques in the pool (which you can practice and intensify by giving and receiving sessions), the theoretical process on land helps you consolidate what you have learnt. The environment of the group allows one‘s own experience of water to be integrated - it allows you to learn how to give and how to receive, how to lead and how to submit. These are central aspects in understanding and experiencing how Oceanic Bodywork® Aqua works. This is an unforgettable and enriching experience for all those who want to rediscover and enjoy their body, their feelings and life‘s energy. If you already work in physical therapy, this will help expand your horizons and your understanding. The OBA 1 enables you to give private Oceanic Bodywork® Aqua sessions for friends and family.

Oceanic Bodywork® Aqua 2
Training II focuses on learning more complex techniques, to refine your intuitive responses and prepare for working professionally with people in water. Successful completion of the course enables you to give individual sessions as an Oceanic Bodyworker with a view to collecting the necessary practical experience to undertake Advanced Training II.

Oceanic Bodywork® Aqua 3
The Training III is the third part of the training programme and can be undertaken six months after Training II at the earliest and two years later at the latest. A proof of min. 30 professional Oceanic Bodywork® Aqua individual sessions is necessary to take part in part III. The successful completion of the course is certified.