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Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Registry

WABR,a Registry of our Worldwide Water Family, records classes taken everywhere, makes it possible for students to study wherever they want and fulfill the requirements to be listed on the Registry as a practitioner or instructor. It also serves as a network where information about pools and the application of Aquatic Bodywork can be shared. It lists authorized practitioners and classes around the world.

Practitioner Requirements |
Instructor Training | WABR Logbook (pdf)

Here is our Water Family in Italy celebrating Watsu's 25th anniversary

WABR entry for those who have studied Aquatic Bodywork or Tantsu®.

Any who have taken a class in the previous 3 years can enter here and share information about the applications of our work to different conditions and find pools and others, etc.

Both the full name and the password are required to log in.

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Full Name: Password:

If you do not know your password, enter just your name above and then you will be asked for your email. If it is on the record with your name, your password will be emailed to you.

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