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The same year Harold Dull started developing Watsu® he created Tantsu in order to bring back onto land Watsu’s nurturing holding, and the joy of the movement freed when floating someone level with the heart. He developed a form with which practitioners could gradually build up the trust needed for their clients to fully benefit from Tantsu's most powerful whole body holds.

Years later when he discovered that those whole body holds themselves create that trust because of the safety that everyone feels in their containment, he developed a new form for private sharing, Core Tantsu, that combines a new whole body hold from the back with the oldest whole body hold from the front.

Core Tantsu

Tantsuyoga Flower Round

The new hold from the back that is comfortable for almost everybody, that can be done on a mat or a table, led to Tantsuyoga which brings Watsu’s movement as water onto land. Three take turns being the holder, the held and the guide, whose support allows the holder to keep his eyes closed. Yoga means union. Tantsuyoga celebrates union. The holder, as in Watsu’s waterbreath dance, is drawn up out of the emptiness at the bottom of the breath by the breathing of the one in his arms. The engagement this establishes, and the celebrations that follow in which both the holder and the guide move as water, leads all three into the Ocean Within, the whole that is greater than the sum of all the movements within.

Tantsuyoga by Two

Tantsuyoga by Two takes the power of three to a new level of containment. The seven celebrations on the first side are followed on the second side with one under the head and the other at the hip both moving as water, spontaneously synchronizing powerful stretches and moves as one.

Tantsuyoga Presenterships

Those trained and authorized can offer Tantsyoga by Two sessions that help support the offering of Flower Rounds that make the celebrations of union and unconditional holding available to everybody.

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