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A Typical Session

There is no typical session of Watsu®. Because a Watsu can access so many levels of your being and a Watsuer is trained to just be with you, each session is different. One element common to all the sessions given by trained experienced practitioners is the preparation. Before you enter the water, questions will be asked to determine what your expectations are and whether there is any physical condition that requires attention, or any emotional such as a fear of drowning or issues of abuse that require sensitivity to bring the positive results that Watsu has the potential for.

It is possible to imagine what happens before you step into the water, but to know what Watsu is, it must be experienced, if not in real water, at least in the imagination. This can be done because elements of Watsu have counterparts in everybody's experience. Begin with the way you relax when you lie back in warm water. Add how it feels to be slowly stretched. Imagine how, in an element that removes pressure from joints and radiates warmth into muscle, you feel each stretch all the way through your body. Add to that pleasure of being floated and stretched what you feel in the best bodywork when the tension in your neck is sensitively released, when your shoulder is rotated and freed, when just the right point is held. Imagine how that is amplified when, instead of weighing heavily on a table or floor, your body is free to move. Add your most nurturing memory of someone holding, supporting you, just being with you, not trying to do anything to you, holding you so lightly you feel your own lightness as you sink and rise to the rhythm of your breath.

Combine all the above and there is still something to add- Watsu's flow. Watsu interweaves movement and stillness. It has a beginning and an end. And it is endless. Its lesson in letting go into the flow whatever comes up (and a lot does come up) can be carried into your everyday life. Watsu's feeling of still being connected at the end when you're no longer being held can rebond you to that part of your being that is one with everything.

Once you know what it is to receive a Watsu, the next step is to know what it is to give one. This too can be done in your imagination. Have you ever held a child sleeping in your arms? Imagine floating someone level with your heart center, surrendering into the water as you both breathe out, the water lifting you back up as you breathe in... The stillness. Have you ever danced with someone and felt the same music move both your bodies? Imagine knowing a flow of moves in your body so well you are free to move to the movement created in each moment, waves that free both your bodies. Imagine coming to the end of a Watsu and lifting your hands off and still feeling connected.

Once you know what it is to give a Watsu, you will want to give it again and again, to discover each time, no matter how different each person is in your arms, how you are still one. Imagine how that knowing could set you free. Imagine a world in which everyone watsued each other..

Watsu® is a registered service mark of Harold Dull.
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