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Harold Dull lays out three new Watsu paths in his book: Watsu Basic and Explorer Paths. The new Basic Watsu introduced in this book is an ideal entry into the Watsu Practitioner Path. It is also a path in itself for those who wish to explore new levels of connection with others. It is based on a simple progression through moves that follow and keep you connected to the breathing of the one in your arms to moves that, the more connected you feel through your heart, the deeper they arise from within, the more creativity they bring into play. This progression, and how to maintain someone comfortably supported and aligned (as well as yourself) can be learned in two days of instruction. Once learned, the more you repeat it, the more you will find your connection to others reaching new levels, the more you will you find your heart connects to whoever you float, and the more those you float will appreciate the gift you bring them.

The Explorer Path introduced in this book and in classes complements both the Basic and Practitioner paths. Instead of a progression or a form it is based on a format with which those from any level of Watsu can meet in groups of three outside of a class. This book lays out the format and the themes, one of which each brings to a meeting. The three explore as a team the principles and the applications of each's theme, which is usually a move or a way of using one's own body. Then each receives a complete session in a Round in which the first of the other two starts from the first side, the second continues from the second and both conclude by floating you between them. The format has been developed and fine tuned in class after class. Its focus on learning and applying principles instead of memorizing a form opens a new door into Watsu. The book has become the textbook of Watsu 1 and also includes the latest Tandem Watsu.

The classes Explorer Watsu is offered as a weekend or as a module in longer courses. One 50 hour intensive Basic and Explorer Watsu and Tantsuyoga introduces Basic Watsu, Tantsuyoga and Explorer Watsu. Those who have already attended Basic Watsu can take our Watsu Tantsuyoga Explorer Paths which combines Explorer and Tandem Watsu with Tantsuyoga. Those who attend the above will have access to those on the registry who indicate their wish to meet others on the Explorer Path as well as those who wish to explore Tantsu.

This Path and the new Tantsuyoga brings us one step closer to the world Harold envisioned when he started developing Watsu and Tantsu, a world in which everyone can float or hold each other without intention, a new humanism that engages the creativity of our life force.

Watsu® and Tantsu® are registered service marks of Harold Dull.
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