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Since 1980 when Harold Dull first floated and stretched people in warm water and started developing Watsu, the number of those that benefit from it continues to grow. Today, in more than 40 countries, Watsu is proving its effectiveness with chronic pain and a widening range of conditions. It has been welcomed as a primary modality in Rehabilitation by Aquatic Therapists and is taught in universities around the world. In addition to the physical benefits derived from the movements and stretches warm water facilitates, Watsu's power to reduce stress underlies both its effectiveness with those conditions in which stress is implicated and its growing popularity among the general public.

Many come out of a Watsu saying they were more relaxed than they have ever been. Some say it was one of the most powerful experiences in their life. More and more are choosing Watsu at spas. Recently an Asian spa association voted Watsu the best of all treatments offered in Asian spas.

The lasting benefits of Watsu for special needs have been confirmed by many reports and studies. That its benefits for the general population can also be long lasting was demonstrated by a study at a university in Brazil in which 10 subjects from everyday life were, at the end of their tenth weekly Watsu, asked what Watsu meant to them. All spoke of the positive effect it had in their lives. The common element in all their reports was a greater sense of unity between different parts of their being.

The greater sense of connection that most feel with Watsu results from the fact that in order to be moved and stretched in a Watsu you must be floated in someone's arms. Our trainings focus on how to make a safe enough place for everyone to let go in our arms. The Watsuer learns to connect all the movements and stretches to the breathing of those they float. Because every level of our being can be effected in a Watsu, they also learn to not try to lead anyone into any particular level or state, but to just be with them.

Our trainings have evolved over the years to better ease our students into this new way of working and being with someone in water. No matter how much bodywork or therapy someone has done on land, when they step into a pool and float someone level with their heart and connect movement to breath, it is a new world. Those who want to introduce Watsu to others first learn a simple form and how to adapt it to whoever they have in their arms. Then they learn Free Flow.

Those whose primary interest is in exploring Watsu's potential for connecting on so many levels and accessing our creativity may join others on our Watsu Explorer Path.

If you don't have access to a pool you can explore Tantsu® which brings Watsu's nurturing holding, connection to inner movement and stretching back on land.

Before attending a Watsu class find it on the Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Registry where all the classes that can be applied towards being registered as a practitioner or instructor are listed:

Watsu® is a registered service mark of Harold Dull.
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