Harold Dull

created Watsu®, the world's first Aquatic Bodywork, by bringing into water the stretches and principles of the Zen Shiatsu that he had studied with its creator, Shizuto Masunaga, in Japan. Harold then brought Watsu's unconditional holding and the movement of water back onto land in Tantsu® and Tantsuyoga. The profundity and effectiveness of the bodywork forms he has created reflect his passionate practice and deep understanding of energy and the body. Their creativity reflects his background as a poet in the San Francisco Renaissance and his love for the forms of art in which he finds the same creative engagement of our life force as in Watsu and Tantsu.

His book, Watsu: Freeing the Body in Water, is now in its 4th edition. Harold speaks several languages.He has taught in 30 countries including including Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico, Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, India, Israel and almost every country in Europe where he has taught every year for the last thirty. He designs his own books. DVDs and the Worldwide Bodywork Registry that stores the transcripts of the 20,000 who have studied Awuatic Bodywork. He has been awarded by Aquatic Fitness and Therapy associations. Once, with the help of many, he completed developing the forms needed in clinics and spas around the world, Harold turned his attention to developing complementary paths that can make this work's potential for greater connection accessible to everybody, a new humanism in which everybody can float or hold each other without intention.
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Harold writes: Looking back over eighty years I see two lives. The first forty years was a Life in Poetry, and the second, a life in Watsu. Each was centered around a place, one, the San Francisco of the San Francisco Renaissance, the other, Harbin Hot Springs before the fire. Each place had a scene created by those drawn to that place, a scene that encompassed our conflicts to engage our creativity in a whole that is greater than the sum of the parts. In one that wholeness was sought and shared in language, in the other, in the body. In one, poets from the past join us; in the other, whoever is in our arms in pools around the world. Cross the bridge between those two worlds with me:

On the Sources of Watsu

Listen to two other poems from that first life

wood climb down out of               Night of the Perseids

and five from the second

Dance Poems

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