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Tuvia Stuchiner is watsuing an infant in the Beit Issie Shapiro center's pool in Israel where thousands of children and special needs clients have been helped with Watsu®. His report of working with a disturbed child is included in the chapter on Watsu with Children in the Watsu book's latest edition. Watsu is helping children and those with special needs in more and more clinics around the world.

A report from those using Watsu in the first clinic where it was introduced, the Timpany Center in San Jose, is included in the Watsu Freeing the Body in Water book. In their study comparing the results of Watsu to those of traditional techniques they found Watsu could lead to a greater range of motion. This may be due to the way Watsu treats the body as a whole without drawing attention and the desire to help to specific areas that had been injured.

Peggy Schoedinger continues to add to the conditions that Watsu is found to be of help in her chapter on its applications in the Watsu book. To see a summary of those conditions as well as guidelines for those applying Watsu go to Benefits.

Watsu® is a registered service mark of Harold Dull.
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