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Since its origins in 1980 the teaching of Watsu has continued to evolve with the help of students and instructors in thousands of classes. There are four stages in a typical Watsu training. Each stage has an organic unity. Rather than being a step towards something to achieve later, each stage is complete in itself. Whatever sequence or approach to being with someone in water is learned in a stage, it can be repeated over and over without losing its freshness and benefits for both giver and receiver, whether or not the student decides to move on to the next stage. The focus through the stages moves from presence to flow to form to adaptation to creativity, each stage being the ideal platform, a foundation, to support and sustain the next. In addition to the 16 hour Basic course and the 50 hour courses that prepare the Watsu professional, there are two 50 hour courses for those who wish to explore Watsu's new paths..
  • Basic Watsu Learn to connect movement to breath from your deepest center, and the continuum of movement that rises through your other core center, the heart, and out your arms when you float someone in an easy to learn progression you can share with anybody. Usually introduced in rounds of three. The oversight of the third allows you to explore your connection with your eyes closed.
  • Watsu 1 The first two days are Basic Watsu. Its 16 hours can count towards the elective requirements in a practitioner program). The next four days (which can be tken in two weekends) focus on the major transitions in Watsu, how to flow from one position to the next.
  • Watsu 2 Learn to give a complete Watsu, learning additional moves and bodywork in the positions learned in Watsu 1.
  • Watsu 3 Learn additional powerful stretches, stepwork, rolls that introduce Free Flow and other ways to adapt each session. A Watsu 3 Adapted is also offered which focuses on clinical adaptations.
  • Watsu 4 Introduces Tandem Watsu, Watsu for 2 by 3, and a deeper exploration of Free Flow.
  • Watsu Tantsu Explore Flow 50 hour intensive half on land and half in the water. This is also offered in three weekends. It can be followed by a fourth that introduces Tandem Watsu.
All the upcoming classes in Watsu and the other forms that grew out of it that are taught by authorized instructors and can be applied to your authorizations to use them are now found in one place. Before taking any class make sure it is listed there. www.watsu.com. Enter below to view the complete list.

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