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This fourth edition of Watsu® Freeing the Body in Water by Harold Dull with the Worldwide Water Family updates the forms of Watsu, and the ways they are taught. With hundreds of illustrations it continues to hold its place as the textbook of Watsu, the first form of Aquatic Bodywork that the author started developing 30 yers ago . A chapter takes students through a complete Home Spa Watsu that can be done in a Jacuzzi. With even more contributions from instructors and other professionals it continues to be the primary sourcebook for Aquatic Bodyworkers. It includes chapters on Watsu with Children, Adapting Watsu for People with Special Needs, Watsu Pool Design and Care, and Core Tantsu. 208 pages (81/2 by 11" ). $27.50
This English edition appears concurrently with the edition comissioned in italy where its 300 colored illustrations were photographed. Step by step it presents the holds and moves of the new Core Tantsu that can be shared with anyone, a Tantsu for Partners, and those used in a professional practice. Fabrizio Dalle Pianne and Ateeka, who helped Harold develop the new Core Tantsu, have contributed insightful articles that investigate Tantsu's place among other disciplines that explore our movement within. 112 pages. $19.95
This book presents both a new Basic Watsu that focuses on accessing inner movement and the Explorer Path, a format for meetings to which three from any level of Watsu bring themes the book suggests, a move or a way of using their own body. The three explore as a team the principles and applications of their themes. Then each receives a complete session in a Round in which the first of the other two starts from the first side, the second continues from the second, and both float and stretch the receiver between them. A complete new Tandem Watsu is also introduced. 132 pages. $19.95
This first book is still available for those who wish to delve into the origens of Tantsu and the Watsu that has evolved into what is used in clinics and spas around the world. The author assembled by hand the book's movement montages cut from hundreds of photographs of Watsu sessions held in the warm pool at Harbin Hot Springs with his new wife, Valerie (AKA Pavana), in his arms. A complete Tantsu session is also illustrated. Includes poems. From 1987, a collector's item. Not available in bookstores. 112 pages. $19.95
This book
combines all of Harold's poetry books in a
collected poems 1955-2007
208 pages

Each DVD below can be ordered for $30, four or more for $25 each.
The first three present what is taught in our series of Watsu courses.

Watsu 1
  • 10 minute introduction explaining what Watsu is showing it being used in spas and clinics.
  • The moves followed in Basic Watsu.
  • Transition Flow: how to flow into and out of the major positions of Watsu.

Watsu 2

  • Expanded Flow: bodywork and stretches to expand the Transition Flow.
  • Underwater footage.
  • Linda de Lehman demonstrates how to adapt the moves as needed.

Watsu 3

  • Powerful stretches and other Advanced Moves including those done on the steps.
  • Rolls that introduce Free Flow (from dozens of actual sessions).
  • Linda de Lehman'a adaptations to size.
  • A complete traditional Tantsu.
  • Watsu in a Jacuzzi.
  • Tantsu by two.
  • Combine face down Zen Shiatsu with Tantsu.

Core Tantsu

  • How its whole body cradles' containment frees our inner dance.
  • A step by step progression of simple and comfortable moves you can share with anybody.
  • Ways to creatively engage your Life Force.

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