Watsu Basic and Explorer Paths


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The Creative Engagement of our Life Force in Water

Learn by Three … Share with One. In the more than 550 classes Harold has taught since he started developing Watsu in 1980 he has found how much students learn by helping each other in triads (groups of three). In this book he presents a new path on which students learn together outside of class in teams that explore all the possibilities in a move and in rounds in which each receives a complete session from one on each side and then from both. Finding the containment, the being held unconditionally, that underlies Watsu and Tantsu’s benefits, even more powerful, and the stretches deeper, when a third supports, he developed the Tandem Watsu introduced in this book. The round’s opening moves, the way its breath timed moves lead into a continuum, led to this book’s new Basic Watsu, and, since what follows the Basic in Watsu 1 had to be changed, its new Transition Flow. This is now the first book on Watsu’s complementary Professional and Explorer Paths. In the beginning Harold brought Watsu’s unconditional holding and engagement with the breath back onto land in a Tantsu® with many positions for professionals. For this book he developed a form based on one position that everybody would be comfortable sharing. When told that Yoga means union, he named it Tantsuyoga. It is more a Yoga than bodywork, more a being with others than a doing something to them. In 2011, he was invited to present Tantsuyoga to the International Yoga Festival in Milan. He developed the Flower Rounds with which it is shared in this book. The third, as guide, makes it possible for those first experiencing this deep an engagement through the breath, to keep their eyes closed as movement from within celebrates the different stages of union with those they hold. Those who learn all four rounds, can start teaching two others at a time while joining them in the rounds, being not doing, on their own path. Now that the countless benefits that Watsu has brought to those in clinics and spas around the world is being matched by the benefits shared by those who hold others, the potential that was came into being when Harold started floating people is closer to being realized. For information, practitioners and classes go to watsu.com.

Harold Dull started developing Watsu in 1980, floating and stretching his Zen Shiatsu students in a warm pool in Northern California. At that time he started Tantsu® (Watsu on land). It also connects breath, heart and inner movement. A simple progression is included in this book. Harold teaches both around the world. People from more than 80 countries have studied Watsu.

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