WATSU® 3 by Harold Dull

Advanced Moves and Rolls

The Gateway into Free Flow


WATSU® 3 Advanced Moves and Rolls

 Copyright 2009 by Harold Dull


This 60 minute DVD is to be used as a review by those who have been instructed in the safe application of these advanced moves and rolls by an authorized instructor in a Watsu 3 course 

Watsu 3 is the next step for students who have demonstrated their mastery of the form of Watsu (as learned in Watsu 2) and its principles, who have given enough sessions to develop a comfortable intuitive awareness of how to be with another person in the water, and who are ready to further adapt and explore beyond sequence. Powerful stretches that Watsu’s closeness facilitate and additional advanced techniques that include work at the pool wall and on the steps are introduced. Rolls that train you to spontaneously adapt to whatever position they lead you into become a gateway into "Free Flow", the poetry of Watsu. The focus on the role your legs can play in Free Flow makes Watsu more than ever a dance. In this 2005 edition underwater footage is added and additional Watsu 3 adaptations with Linda de Lehman. Order this DVD ($30)

Advanced Moves


Side Twist

Rolls Into Accordion

Lift Lunge Balance

Torso Rolls

Far Leg Over

Torso Rolls (under Shoulder)


Horizontal Rolls (Linda)

Near Leg Over

Leg Rolls

Wall from Behind

Two Leg Rolls 


Rolls on a Roll

Harold Dull is the president of the Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association, and the creator of Watsu, Tantsu, Co-centering and Watsu CQ. In his Watsu 3 classes around the world he has videotaped short Free Flow sessions with each student. A co-teacher, Minakshi, has helped him cull out of the countless hours of tapes the rolls in this video to illustrate the types and varieties that can occur in free flow. For more information about Aquatic Bodywork, classes, practitioners, DVDs (Watsu 1, 2, and the forthcoming Home Spa and Tantsu) and books, including the 4th edition of Watsu Freeing the Body in Water, visit our site