Expanded Flow


Harold Dull


WATSU® 2 Copyright 2009 by Harold Dull


Contents (60+ minutes):


The Expanded Flow


Presented, step-by-step, this DVD is to be used as a review for those who have been instructed in its moves’ safe application by an authorized instructor of Watsu 2. It presents the full form that is recommended for those intending to give a Demonstration of Mastery for admittance to Watsu 3. The Expanded Flow of Watsu 2 introduces additional bodywork and stretches in each of the positions of the Transition Flow of Watsu 1. In this 2005 edition underwater footage is added and additional adaptations with Linda Delehman. Order this DVD ($30)A Watsu 3 DVD is also available and a DVD that combines Home Spa Watsu and Tantsu is in production.


Harold Dull is the president of the Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association. He developed Watsu, and the way it is taught, over the last twenty five years with the help of students and other instructors in countless workshops around the world. This video presents a complete session in real time, followed by a section in which Linda De Lehman demonstrates adaptations of its moves with someone whose size or inflexibility challenges a giver. Linda De Lehman lives in Europe and has taught over 4700 hours of Watsu classes.


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