An Introduction to What Watsu is and how it is used around the world in warm pools in clinics and spas



Includes step by step reviews of the Basic Watsu taught in a first weekend, the Transition Flow that expands it in the rest of Watsu I, and adaptations.



Harold Dull


WATSU® 1 Copyright 2009 by Harold Dull


Introduction to Watsu (10 min.)


What Watsu is?

How it was started by Harold Dull applying the stretches of Zen Shiatsu while floating people in Harbin Hot Spring’s warm pool?

How it has evolved in the twenty five years since?

How it is being used in clinics, spas and retreats around the world to treat specific conditions, for stress reduction and personal growth.

How it has been adapted for use in a Home Spa.


The Basic (20 min) and Transition (30 min) Flows


The Basic flow taught in a first weekend and the Transition Flow that expands it in the rest of Watsu 1 are presented here as a review for those who have been instructed in their safe application by an authorized instructor. These Flows that combine nurturing holding with breath coordinated moves and powerful stretches are easy to learn and can be practiced over and over without exhausting their potential. . .  as much a joy to give as to receive.Order this DVD ($30)

Subtitles in English and Portuguese


Harold Dull is the president of the Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association, and the creator of Watsu, Tantsu, Co-centering and Home Spa Watsu - new bodywork modalities that he has generously and graciously shared since their inception with students and practitioners around the world. Harold has trained with the foremost Zen Shiatsu teacher in Japan, Shizuto Masunaga (author of Zen Shiatsu), and the two foremost teachers in America, Reuho Yamada and Wataru Ohashi. The profundity and effectiveness of the bodywork forms he has created reflect his passionate practice and deep understanding of energy and the body; the creativity of these forms reflects his background as a poet in the San Francisco Renaissance. His book, 'Watsu: Freeing the Body in Water', is now in its fourth edition which adds chapters on Watsu with Children and Home Spa Watsu. It is an eloquent testament to the power of both his writing and his bodywork. Harold speaks several languages, which allows him to teach his work all over the world. He has been honored with awards from aquatics associations in the United States and Japan. His Watsu 2 and 3 DVDs and fourth that combines Home Spa Watsu and Tantsu are available. All 4 DVDs are $100.


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