Watsu Basic and Explorer Paths

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The First Watsu® and Tantsu® Book

Presents Watsu from the perspective of its early genesis in Tantra, prior to its current evolution, before there was any Transition Flow, before its adaptation for the clinical world, before presenting it in a way that would make it more accessible to the general public (i.e. bathing suits).

Harold Dull assembled by hand (before the advent of computer graphics) the book's movement montages cut from hundreds of photographs of Watsu sessions held in the warm pool at Harbin Hot Springs with his new wife, Valerie (AKA Pavana), in his arms.

A complete Tantsu session is illustrated.

Includes poems.

From 1987, a collector's item. Not available in bookstores.


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Watsu® and Tantsu® are registered service marks of Harold Dull.