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In ancient Egypt water was compensation
for the freedom that the soul loses in its bodily form.
Find, explore, and share that freedom in the body in water.
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Watsu is the world's first Aquatic Bodywork. Like massage, it can be applied professionaly or shared with family and freinds. The warm water, and our unconditional holding create a space safe enough for the one in our arms to access every level of their being.
Our breath brought up when the one in our arms breathes sets the rhythm for Watsu's moves and stretches. Floating someone at our heart draws us into a continuum, a moving as water, stillness. Practicing, adapting its established form, prepares our body to be wherever someone arrives in Free Flow.
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Watsu is one of the three principle modalities of Aquatic Therapy. It promotes a deep state of relaxation. Quieting the sympathetic and enhancing the parasympathetic nervous systems, Watsu has profound effects on the neuromuscular system.
It helps with conditions in which stress is involved. It reduces chronic pain and the discomfort of pregnancy. It helps children with special needs, recovering athletes and many others. Watsu's containment, treating the body as a whole, reduces the resistance accompanying focusing on injuries.
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Watsu is a joy to give and to receive. Being in threes adds to that joy, and the ease with which Watsu is learned. Have a third overseeing when it is your turn to share the moves. Explore, eyes closed, how deep the connection, and the freedom and the peace can be.
Watsu Rounds, and entry level classes introducing Watsu's basic moves in rounds with WR on the list, welcome any three who wish to experience the round together, any who can stand and float someone. Continue in threes on the Explorer Path, in Tandem Watsu and, on land, Tantsuyoga.
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In 1980 Harold Dull applied the moves of Zen Shiatsu while floating his students at Harbin Hot Springs. When he, and others who joined to help develop Watsu, were invited to teach around the world, Harold started a Registry to store transcripts and authorizations to practice and teach.
20,000 students from 90 countries have transcripts on the Registry. All authorized classes in Watsu, Waterdance, Healing Dance and other forms required to be registered as a practitioner of Aquatic Bodywork must be listed on this Registry. Check here before attending any class. All instructors, Training Institutes and Practitioners on the Registry are members of WABA, the Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association, that helps oversee the programs on the Registry and their ethical application.
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