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In ancient Egypt water was compensation for the freedom that the soul
loses in its bodily form. Find, explore, and share
that freedom in the body in water.


Watsu is the world's first Aquatic Bodywork. Like massage, it can be applied professionaly or shared with family and freinds. Warm water, and unconditional holding create a space safe enough for the one in our arms to access every level of their being. Practicing, adapting its established form, being wherever someone arrives in Free Flow, engages our whole being.


Watsu is one of the three principle modalities of Aquatic Therapy. It promotes a deep state of relaxation. Quieting the sympathetic and enhancing the parasympathetic nervous systems, Watsu has profound effects on the neuromuscular system. It relieves conditions caused by stress, chronic pain and the discomfort of pregnancy and helps those with special needs.


Celebrate the union within your family or team of co-workers or friends. Float each other in rounds. In one powerful, trust building, bonding, joyful, complete-in-itself weekend learn Watsu's basic moves well enough to share them again and again in rounds. Join a scheduled Watsu Round or contact to arrange a workshop or retreat for your team.

Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Registry

Harold Dull

started watsu in 1980 by applying the moves of Zen Shiatsu while floating people at Harbin Hot Springs. When he, and others who joined to help develop Watsu, were invited to teach around the world, Harold began a Registry to store classes and authorizations to practice and teach. 20,000 from 90 countries have transcripts on the Registry. All authorized classes that can be applied to be registered as a practitioner of Aquatic Bodywork are listed on this Registry. Find the instructor here before attending any class.

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